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mathThe Baby Web is a save haven for both mothers and fathers to come together and discuss ideas, support each other and look for answers to their thoughts.

Support For You And Your Baby

wedding-ordersIn today’s socio-economic environment it is difficult to consult doctors for the smaller issues. Use The Baby Web support system, The Baby Web Forum, by opening your own discussion and looking for answers from more experienced parents.

Buy And Sell Mommy Products

birthday-parties Our babies become toddlers before we know what’s happening. This means that we have more baby goods than we know what to do with – save your cash now by selling/buying good condition second hand baby products on The Baby Web classifieds today!

Share Your Experiences

parties There is nothing easy about being a first time mommy or daddy! We have to help each other. Share your experiences on our activity lists and create play-dates on the events section!


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